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Introducing our exclusive and innovative Bat Series B3M

Choosing a bat is not just about aesthetics and performance. It’s also about durability, quality, balance, and comfort. The B3 bat series is the perfect combination of a performance bat, an appearance bat, and a balanced bat. These bats are excellent for serious ball players looking for a good value on a great bat. This series comprises one of the best bats in the USA, which are also a favorite of most of our big league players. International players such as Virender Sehwag and Chris Gayle have used bats from the B3 bat series to make several memorable innings.



Introduction of our new Bat Series


B3 POWA 3 Stripes Grade 1
Cricket Bat

Introducing B3 Cricket – Part 2 : Cricket Bat Designs Review

B3 Drakon 3 Stripe Grade 1
Cricket Bat

Book a Lane

At US Cricket Store, we offer additional services and facilities on top of our range of Cricket inventory.

Our center comprises five first-class standards, following ICC Regulated guidelines. We also have bowling machines and other modern coaching equipment.

We have five lanes available for hire. The bowling machines can be hired to practice your batting, with the opportunity to play a range of shots


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