Adult Batting Equipment

Batting equipment is the name given to all the different items worn while batting in cricket. Adult batting equipment is designed for older players and is more protective than junior equipment. Cricket protective equipment has been designed to withstand a huge amount of impact without breaking or causing serious injury.

Although cricket is becoming more and more popular in the United States, it’s still not a sport that you can walk into any sporting goods store and buy equipment for, even in large cities. Thankfully, US Cricket Store is the largest online retailer specializing in providing premium and branded cricket equipment in the U.S.

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Know about the types of adult batting equipment

Batters wear special protective gear when batting, including pads (to protect legs), helmets (to protect head), gloves (to protect hands), and chest guards (to protect chest).


Batting gloves will help protect your hands when you’re on the field and will help prevent blisters or other injuries from happening as well. They also provide padding so that you don’t feel every ball that hits your hand when you’re swinging at it with your bat.


Batting pads are used to protect a batsman’s legs. They are made of three different materials: cotton, cane, and fiberglass. Batting pads are covered by leather on both sides and have straps that help secure them on the player’s legs. These are used to protect your shins from the impact of fast-moving balls while batting. They have a hard exterior and soft interior lining. Both these layers work together to absorb any impact on the pad, thereby protecting your leg.


A helmet is worn on top of the head to protect the batsman from getting injured while facing fast bowlers or bouncers. Helmets are made from a combination of materials which includes steel, plastic, rubber, foam, and mesh lining (for ventilation). A helmet must be worn whenever you face deliveries in any match.

Batting inners and protectors

Batting inners and protectors are essential pieces of cricket gear that help you stay protected when batting. They help with shock absorption and keep you cool and comfortable during batting practice or a match.

Buy the best quality adult batting equipment

When it comes to batting equipment, you need to have the best quality and right type of gear. Batting your way to success on the pitch can be tough without the right equipment. Here at the US Cricket store, we offer batting pads, batting gloves, and other top-notch gear to help you succeed as a batter.

We offer a wide variety of adult batting equipment for all your batting needs. When you’re ready to head to the batting game, you want to make sure you have the best available products today. We carry several brands to choose from, including MRF, DSC, Aero, SG, and many others.

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