Adult Cricket Balls

Hit the Stumps Confidently and Win Wickets Seamlessly with Our Adult Cricket Balls

Cricket is a game of passion, and the love for hitting the stumps or bowling a no-ball at the right time can only be experienced when you have the best quality balls in your hand.
We bring you a wide range of cricket balls for adults available in different colors, sizes, weights, and finishes.

All our cricket balls are made from high-quality leather or PVC material to perform consistently well throughout a game or practice session. The exterior of our adult cricket balls is designed to give you great control over your shots and make for long-lasting playability.

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How can you determine the adult cricket ball quality?

With so many options available, it can sometimes prove difficult for you to choose one made of good quality. Luckily, you can look for some things to determine the quality of a ball.


A good quality ball has a hard cork center. This means that it will not indent easily when you press it down. If the cork is soft and spongy, it is of poor quality. The cork center of a good-quality adult cricket ball will also be covered in a string, normally two or three layers thick. It should not be possible to see or feel the cork itself through this stringing.


When holding the ball, check to see if it is of good weight or if it feels balanced. The weight should be between 155 to 163 grams. If it is lighter or heavier than this range, the ball is likely not made with good quality material.

Leather Condition

Make sure there are no rips or tears in the leather outside the ball. Look at the stitching along the seam to ensure that it is even and straight.

Some Other things to keep in mind

  • 1. The ball should be hard and smooth.
  • 2. There should be no cracks or scuff marks on a cricket ball.
  • 3. A good quality cricket ball does not make a noise when thrown against a wall.

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Smoothness & Hardness

no cracks or scuff marks

No sound when it is thrown

Providing Premium Quality Adult Cricket Balls at Competitive Prices

US Cricket Store is the largest stockist of premium adult cricket balls. Heading towards our adult cricket ball section, you will find some famous brands, including USCS, SG, GM, and many others. With these brands on board, you will be able to achieve the excellence and precision needed to become a pro cricketer. Whether you want to purchase white or red balls, we have covered it all under one roof. So, don’t wait and shop now for high-quality and premium adult cricket balls from our online store today.

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