ADIDAS Incurza 3.0 English Willow (Black/Red)


SKU: 1001504
  • High Balance Middle
  • Large Edge with Square Face
  • Ergonomic Wave Tech Grip for Improved Feel

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  • The Adidas Incurza is made from premium Grade 3 English Willow.
  • The highest level of performance combined with iconic style.
  • The INCURZA 3.0 Adidas cricket bat has large edges and a square face to help provide maximum results.
  • Nine-piece Handle for a cane.
  • Ergonomic wave tech grip gives an improved feel.
  • This bat is ideal for players who enjoy playing big, entertaining shots because it is perfectly balanced and performs well.
  • High middle balance
  • Scalloped edges provide a lighter feel and pickup.
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions36 × 6 × 6 in

Willow Type

English Willow

Age Group




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