ADIDAS XT 3.0 English Willow (Red)


  • Selected Grade English Willow
  • Thick Edges, Curved Blade
  • Imported Single Cane 3 Piece Handle

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  • Premium Grade 3 English Willow is used to make the Adidas XT 3.0 English Willow Cricket Bat.
  • The XT range 3.0 combines high performance with the Adidas-specific Color Ring Grip.
  • The Adidas XT, with its full profile and traditional shape, is designed for unrivaled pickup and balance fully optimize your game.
  • The thickness of the edges: is 37-40 mm.
  • The sweet spot ranges from the middle to the low.
  • Imported 3 -piece single cane handle with excellent shock absorption.
  • Grains: 6-8 grains.
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions36 × 6 × 6 in

Willow Type

English Willow

Age Group




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