Aero P2 KPR Inner hand Protector


The Aero KPR range is designed to meet the needs of the modern keeper. Technologically advanced materials, improved protection & feel, leaves traditional inners in their wake.


? Superior durability
? Better protection, where you need it
? Brilliant fit and flexibility
? Ergonomic stitching to make catching easier

Size: Large / Medium / Small

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Aero P2 KPR Inner hand Protector,

  • Aero P2 KPR Inner hand Protector is the perfect inner with all the protection you need without sacrificing the mobility required to grab everything that moves.
  • It gives a unique feeling with foam and gel protection that immediately moulds to your hand and provides unsurpassed performance.
  • Materials are resistant to sweat and can be washed repeatedly without losing their integrity.
  • Unique silicone patches stitched onto the Aero Inner provide hold to the inside of the outer gloves, allowing for improved control of the outer glove and more precise catching.
  • The most innovative, longest-lasting, and best-performing wicket-keeping Inners.
Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 1 × 7 in


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