GM Chroma Signature English Willow


  • English Willow.
  • Short handle.
  • Pro lite Grip.
  • Powerarc bow.

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  • Grade: 1 English willow or wood
  • Minimum 8 to 10 grains, with a light weight of 1200 grammes.
  • Bat Qualities: Full Profile, No Concavity, Massive Edges, Pronounced Bow, Better Pick-Up.
  • Long-Term Power Zone Massive Hitting Zone | Mid to Low Sweet Spot | Knocked-in and Prepared to Play.
  • Ideal for leather cricket balls; handmade in India by master artisans.
  • Pronounced Bow and Huge Edges are the best features.
  • Designed for strong, commanding strokes.
  • Treble Spring Singapore Cane Handle with shock-absorbing properties for ball impact.
  • Ideal for: Children and Adults | Playing Levels: Recreational and Amateur Players
  • Extra Soft, Ergonomically Shaped, and Vibration-Dampening Bat Grip Technology.
  • Laws of Cricket: The maximum approved bat size complies with MCC LAW 5.

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