GM Purist Geo II Helmet


  • High Performance
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  • Complies with British Standards Institute’s BS7928:2013 Specification for Head Protectors for Cricketers.
  • The likelihood of the ball piercing the space between the two is significantly decreased by improved peak strength and a carefully fitting Geo steel screen.
  • Excellent impact absorption qualities are delivered by high performance monocoque construction.
  • Strong force is withstood by a rigid, high impact outer shell and an EPS liner.
  • Equipped as standard with a Geo steel grille.
  • Complete with a new dial adjuster band that makes it simple to put on and take off the helmet during a game.
  • GEOSTOCK GRILL The mathematical proof of the extreme strength of geodesic designs
  • The grille provides the best possible impact protection from all frontal directions thanks to the usage of geodesic designs.
  • The Geo grille’s bars all have geodesic curvature characteristics.
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Dimensions13 × 10 × 9 in



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