MRF Legend VK-18 Junior Cricket Bat


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  • The bat is now expertly designed utilising the most recent measures for a master performance that results in a light weight and superb grip.
  • Among the MRF cricket bat lineup, the MRF Legend Virat Kohli 18 English willow cricket bat is a professional-level cricket bat.
  • Its weight ranges from 1230 to 1350 grammes, which is the normal weight for a cricket bat used by professionals.
  • This bat’s main distinctive feature is that it was made using the most recent f2 enormous countered edges technology.
  • Its edges range between 38 and 40 millimetres, which is also a professional cricket bat’s normal size.
  • This bat is made by MRF using grade B English willow that has been hand-selected and compacted naturally to produce ideal grain structures and the lightest English willow in its class.
  • Because the willow is so good, a batsman may easily use it to hit the ball with maximum force.
  • As the bat’s power is controlled by its handle, which is a particular component, this bat’s handle is made with nine pieces of swark cane and rubber laminated for optimal shock absorption.
  • Additionally, they employ a high-quality fabric bat cover to shield it from dents and other harm.
  • The number of grains on a bat essentially indicates its age, and the number of grains at its maximum indicates its lifespan. On this grade B English willow bat, there are between 4 and 8 grains.
  • Grain types that promote all-around performance allow players to perform with regulated balance in all directions.
  • The player can tell whether a bat is real or phoney using one of two methods for authenticating it.
  • In the middle of the bat is a hologram mark from MRP Company with the price, a bar code number, and other manufacturing information printed on it.
  • The 3D hologram on the bat’s shoulder is special since it allows you to view the brand name from every angle.
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