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  • Special genius player Among the MRF cricket bat portfolio, the English willow cricket bat is a professional level cricket bat.
  • There are numerous strategies for producing a bat, but this bat is manufactured using a particular process for counter edges and sweet spot after naturally compressing the English willow.
  • The rear of the bat has a slight concave to maximise weight and balance so that you may conduct damaging shots.
  • It weighs between 1130gms and 1260gms, which is usual for a professional cricket bat.
  • This is the key distinguishing feature of this bat, as it is built with the most recent technology of f7 enormous countered edges. Its edges range from 38mm and 40mm, which is a common size for a professional cricket bat.
  • MRF employs chosen grade A English willow that is crushed organically, resulting in ideal grain structures and best in class with light weight English willow.
  • The willow is so good that a batsman may effortlessly use maximum power to hit the ball.
  • The bat’s handle is a very special part since it regulates the bat’s power, thus it is created with 12 pieces of swark cane and rubber lamination technology to absorb the greatest stress produced by a ball hit.
  • In addition, they utilise a high-quality cotton bat cover to protect it from scratches and other damage.
  • The number of grains on a bat essentially indicates its age, and the number of grains at its maximum indicates its lifespan.
  • The quantity of grains found in this grade A English willow bat is 8 to 12 inches long. The number of grains depends on the willow’s grade.
  • With the use of these two methods, players may determine if a bat is real or phoney.
  • The centre of the bat has an MRP Company hologram mark glued on it, along with the price, a bar code number, and other manufacturing information.
  • A 3D hologram of the corporate name that is visible from all angles is placed on the bat’s shoulder.
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions36 × 6 × 6 in

Willow Type

English Willow

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