Newberry Legacy RH Batting Gloves


Elite protection
The most advanced glove in Newbery?s history
Brand new Gripster Technology for added control
Beautiful touches of carbon white detailing
Genuine premium Pittard leather, reinforced palm for exceptional feel, grip, durability and moisture management
A new style makeup in the Newbery collection which will offer exceptional comfort and protection
Additional protection on the bowling fingers
Top premium quality materials
SE air-flow design, minimises sweat with incredible comfort and control
Newbery air cooling mesh design with new FlexFit technology

Small Men
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  • What we think is unique to the industry – A special white detail glove made of carbon Elite protection
  • A cutting-edge glove unmatched in Newbery history
  • Special detailing in completely carbon white
  • For superior feel, grip, durability, and moisture control, use a reinforced palm made of Pittard leather.
  • The Newbery line will introduce a new type of cosmetics that provides outstanding comfort and protection.
  • Added defences for the bowling fingers
  • Superior, high-end materials
  • Reduces sweat with amazing comfort and control thanks to SE air-flow architecture.
  • Mesh design for Newbery air cooling using innovative flex technology
  • Every set of Legacy gloves includes a special Legacy netted bag.
Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 1 × 7 in


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