Term of lane Booking

Lane Booking Terms and Conditions

Understand Our Terms and Conditions for Cricket Lane Booking

US Cricket Store provides cricket lane hire with certain restrictions adhering to US government legislation. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we ensure to provide a safe and secured Covid free environment. To avoid any inconvenience, all bookings are made online systematically where the necessary details like booking structure, group sizes, and contact tracings are provided.

Cricket Lanes Schedule

We strictly follow time schedules. You are allowed to enter the facility at the beginning of the session time and be exited at the end of the session time.

Cricket lanes hiring terms and conditions.

  • All bookings are based on their vacancy and must be made and paid for online.
  • Booking time allocation (inclusive of arrival and departure time)
  • QR code registration and contact tracing conditions must be followed and completed before attending.
  • The hirer group is responsible for supplying balls except for balls of the bowling machine, and the user must sanitize these upon their entry into our facility.
  • The hirer must be of service to the store administration to ensure that people should not stand in the territory where it is high-risk (i.e., the place where there is a possibility of a batsman hitting the ball). A duty manager should be instantly called if the patrons do not comply with this to reduce the injury risk.
  • Batters must be wearing full protective gear, including gloves, a box, and a pad. Anyone under 18 must be wearing helmets, whereas adults are also strongly recommended to do so.
  • To ensure a clear entrance for all patrons, all hirers will ensure all bags, equipment, and other appurtenances are kept in the assigned areas.
  • All members of the group should provide a valid booking confirmation at the point of entry.
  • All members of the group booking must check in with reception at the same time.
  • All conditions of entry and requirements must always be followed.
  • Members of the booking are to stay in the assigned area only
  • .
  • Lane hire is available for 16-year-olds and younger, with the exception of lessons. A parent or guardian must make the booking and supervise their child throughout the session.
  • All participants are responsible for their own actions. US Cricket Store LLC does not assume liability for any injuries sustained by those on the premises.
  • A hiring contract may require the hirer to cover any damage to or loss of a facility's equipment and/or facilities.
  • All commercial food and drink are prohibited in the Centre at all times.
  • In order to ensure the comfort of all patrons, no music may be played in the Centre.
  • The Centre does not permit scooters, bicycles or any other similar vehicles.
  • All employees must wear appropriate attire at all times.
  • Cancellations and amendments may be accepted at the sole discretion of the US Cricket Store.
  • The US Cricket Store cannot guarantee that you will not contract COVID-19 if you attend the facility. It cannot be held responsible for any illnesses or injuries resulting from COVID-19 contracted at the facility.
To book a session, proceed to the booking link below. Please note that sessions can be booked seven days before the session time.


US Cricket Store reserves the right to terminate your booking if emergency maintenance or other factors beyond our control make it challenging to continue with the activity.

Booking cancellation

If you need to cancel your booking, contact the US Cricket Store Reception immediately at 510-427-0230. The booking can only be canceled by the person who initially made the booking; it may not be canceled by any other individual or someone else on the booking.

Individuals who pay for bookings in advance may cancel up to 24 hours before the booking's start time. Canceling within 24 hours will not be eligible for a refund or credit. Bookings made within 24 hours of the reservation will not be eligible for refunds or credits.

Bowling Machine Safety:

US Cricket Store’s Agreement for Bowling Machine Use

Bowling Machines Can be Dangerous – THINK of YOUR and OTHER’S SAFETY AT ALL TIMES!

  1. The hiring party must comply with the following requirements to use one of our BOLA machines:
    1. At least the age of one of the hirers must be 18 years or older.
    2. The batter must be secured by the following minimum means:
      • Batting Gloves
      • Cricket helmet, including faceguard
      • Cricket box
      • Pads
      • Forearm Guard (if practicing short-pitched balls)
    3. All batters must be at least 12 years of age.
    4. Only the machine operator and the batter can be in the net, while all spectators should watch the game from the viewing area.
    5. All the users will take time to get acquainted with the machine, understand the speed and bounce of the ball, and deliver it accordingly.
    6. Employees will not tamper with the machines or remove any screens or protective guards.
    7. That the batter is told before adjusting the speed or length.
  2. The length and speed must be set that suit the discrete batters.
  3. The bowling machine must only be used with the manufacturer's balls.
  4. The hire is responsible for reporting any harm to the bowling machine to 5104270230.
  5. The hirer will make sure that the machine can be safely used before using it.
  6. The hirer should understand that no first aider is available on-site, and they are responsible for using the bowling machine at their discretion.
  7. Get in touch with the reception desk to request a first-aid kit.

General Agreement of Safety

Please agree that you abide by these basic guidelines designed to keep you and others safe during your net session.

Parking your vehicles and entering the facility

  1. Children should never be permitted to leave the facility unsupervised.
  2. Coaches, players, and their staff are to remain in the team area during the game. Spectators can watch from the viewing area.


  1. Children should never be permitted to leave the facility unsupervised.
  2. Coaches, players, and their staff are to remain in the team area during the game. Spectators can watch from the viewing area.


  1. Keep in mind that the artificial turf of indoor nets provides a faster batting surface than natural grass.
  2. All players must be dressed in proper protective equipment at all times during play, including the following:
    1. Pads
    2. Gloves
    3. Thigh Pad
    4. Box
    5. Helmet
    6. Any additional padding depending on experience, bowler's speed, etc.
  3. Players must prepare in the reception or dressing room area, not inside the nets.
  4. Do not bring your bags and equipment into the nets. They can cause obstructions that prevent people from taking evasive action or leaving the nets in an emergency.
  5. Jewelry and watches may interfere with the game or equipment, so please remove all jewelry and ensure that your pockets are empty before you come in.
  6. Before batting, a player must stand at the back of the net and keep an eye on the ball at all times.
  7. While you are playing, watch for fast-moving balls in adjacent nets. Always check the situation in the other nets before retrieving the ball.


  1. No more than one player shall bowl in any one net at a time.
  2. People waiting for the bowl should stand in an appropriate position and keep an eye on the ball to avoid getting hit.

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